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Taking a combination tablet like these can help to reduce the total number of tablets that need to be taken each day. The dose of Levemir you are on is extremely low. This is the blog for Blood Sugar Tablets and modified-release tablets; oral liquid medicine; sachets of powder. Add your Answer Find similar questions. For a doctor to prescribe anything, however, you would have to up your carbs for a while before your appointment and blood tests so that you get the much higher blood sugars you get without a very low carb diet and demonstrate to the doctor that you need help.

I wish I'd found you sooner after my diabetes diagnosis. If you miss a dose you will probably see a small but immediate difference in your post meal blood sugars.

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Hi Jenny, I just started reading your blog and it is very interesting and helpful! If you urinary tract did not culture, you may have a subclinical infection which should be treated with one of the antibiotics that are known to get to the urethra if that is where you are having symptoms. She was diagnosed late, too.

Save your draft before refreshing this page. There are also dangers if somebody is low for days This settled down, but the dosage was increased to 2 tablets a day - one in the evening and one in the morning. Both the figures are same; sometimes my fasting could be a shade higher than my PP. It is a generic drug and different companies use different components in the slow release matrix but the metformin in the same.

I know i'm way over due and need to take something.

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I try to eat whole wheat when it's availble in my local stores and a good brand. I'm still on the pill and the "baby dose" of Glumetza. My fasting BG goes usually low Jan, That isn't a usual response to metformin, however, it is possible that the metformin is lowering your blood sugar below the level you have grown used to, so your body is having a false hypo.

Thanks, I will give it a read. So, about two weeks ago, my doctor ordered the Levemir insulin pen for me to add to the treatment plan. However, combining it with Januvia can make the stomach symptoms worse.

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We are also thinking Byetta to see what happens. Help please, I have recently been diagnosed with T2, and have been taking metformin for 2 months now. Byetta also stimulates insulin secretion, but in a different way. I am taking gliclazide modified release tablets, it seemed to be working for about 4 days, then I kind of thought that it was my stress level that was doing it and then, when I worry about that plus the other added stress of my life it seems to make it worse 9: