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Tramadol: What are you really snorting?

Hope everything works out for you. I still cannot sleep a full nite and the headaches are unbearable. Have a good night my friend. If that is not efficient, you should wait 24 hours and then continue with a slightly higher dose. Why is my left leg numb?

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I would never want to be seen as encouraging anyone to take this drug. Nothing like real Opioids I was taking for years before this.

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The side effect on meths is that it takes all the calcium outa the bones so they break a whole lot easer. I was at a very high dosage, mg, not to mention i was abusing it, but I was forced stop cold turkey because of the seizures caused by serotonin syndrome. I quite enjoyed it.

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Hope your back is better too Because knowing that Tramadol acts on our nerve cells, we can better understand how it affects us other than simple pain relief. That is my opinion for sure.

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Best yet is dont take anything. Got such speed and euphoria from them, nothing could stop me. Tramadol doesn't seem to give me much relief - at mg SR daily, so I have stopped taking it. I vomited and cannot swallow but I feel so good I don't care.

And sent me down a bad road. So anyone who is on any other meds that can increase serotonin should look into the risks.

I am somewhat unfamiliar with tramadol and have come into possession of a large quantity of them. Oh KKaron, physicians may be placing them on tramadol too because it is a low level opiate Maybe you need to lower your dose, or even switch to another drug. That is assuming you are not tolerant to opioids, if you are then depending on your tolerance I would dose mg then mg an hour later or mg then mg an hour later depending how you feel.

Dec 5, As like methadone, all that does is transfere you from an illegal drug to a legal one. Why get butt hurt.