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The main limitation of our study is our relative inexperience in dealing with large quantities of information and our lack of familiarity with certain trial documents such as blank case report forms. Those mall trips are infrequent—about once a month.

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Similarly, in trials described as "double blinded" — where neither doctor nor patient should be able to tell whether they're getting a placebo or the real drug — the active and placebo pills were different colours. The most important serious adverse events which raised concerns were neuropsychiatric events such as depressed mood, behavior disturbance, panic attack, suicidal ideation, delusion, delirium, convulsion, and encephalitis.

This is what science looks like. Instead, it turned into a complicated, often-sinister community. Which would be seriously rubbish. Cap-full of whisky, lemon juice only the freshest lemon nowhoney or if you are vegan, agave nectarand hot water.

Oseltamivir was found to be ineffective in asthmatic children. That's reassuring and depressing at the same time.

Was it due to small scale trial?

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A Chain Reaction of Failure Cochrane study group have raised questions on the data retrieving and analyzing processes of many of the world's eminent regulatory bodies. The manufacturers even spell that out in their factsheet.

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The time to alleviation of flu symptoms was assessed by nine trials, and the pooled hazard ratio for zanamivir was 1. Clinical Trials Pharmaceuticals Public Health.

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This week, a spokesperson reported back that there has been no such request made to Roche. Despite the modest efficacy of the new antivirals, most governments developed stockpiles of the medications. O ne day last summer, around noon, I called Athena, a year-old who lives in Houston, Texas. At the same time, it was rapidly becoming clear that there were odd inconsistencies in the information on this drug. Please keep comments respectful and abide by the community guidelines.

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Considering the social and demographic factors of India, government initiated plans to tackle a pandemic influenza by stockpiling oseltamivir.

Call it a purge.


November 16, at 2: Remember, though, that those figures all assume we are only giving Tamiflu to a million people: Jefferson asked Roche for clarification about why the contract was necessary. It is the cornerstone of modern science.

For four years, they then failed to do so.