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I've been up and down too. I wear a special mask at night for sleep apnea and my hand kept hitting the mask until I woke up! Trying to find my place the next day is tricky I guess it's exacerbated them.

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It's always little ordinary things, like whether I remembered to tell [person] about [whatever], or if I picked up something at the shop. The switch to Welbutrin caused them to get crazy intense again, but have since leveled off to my "usual" level of intensity and frequency. Then I woke up and thought to myself that the fact that I was dreaming about a dead bird was a tad creepy, but also that I don't remember anything that has to do with colors in any dream I've had before.

I have recently had anxiety so my doctor put me on 20mg. But, I think I have had an increase in frequency of odd dreams. Send a private message to justbreathe1. Ms Doubtfire, I hope this gives you an basic idea of why you may be scraming and talking and acting out in your sleep. I did not take any today.

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Posts 37 Lexapro withdrawal symptoms can infact occur at any dosage. Just as case of belief. Do you find it tiring? Sorry I have no real advice for you but I can offer you my support x.

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Use of the forums is subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and steps will be taken to remove posts identified as being in breach of those terms. If you become less frightened of them, they'll not be as much of an issue. I've mentioned it twice to the psychiatrist, who sort of blew me off about it even though it's very upsetting to me. My memory has gone out of whack, last night was the first night I've actually gotten any decent sleep.

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Are these se normal with an increase in dosage, and when should they subside? I have been having odd dreams after starting to take Celexa.

I'm happy taking Lexapro -- it has very much changed my life and outlook. Sometimes I wake up, close my eyes again and instantly am back in a strange dreamworld before I've even fallen asleep properly again.

I don't know if the exhaustion is caused by the SSRI. This happend a lot, but happened less frequently as I lowered my dose and went away when I was completely off effexor. Not thinking about them, not trying to remember them, not talking about them with others. Your question will be posted in Panic - for other topics use the search box. Judging from the posts here a lot of people are having problems with the withdrawal or perhaps it's just the old symptoms coming back.