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The lights change to create a reflection like a lagoon on the floor. But Chicana and Chicano theatre artists have come a long way since the early days of the Chicano Theatre Movement. InValdez produced a screenplay adaptation of his play under contract with Universal Pictures.

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In an unfair trial, the whole gang is committed to life imprisonment at San Quentin. Earl Warren to appoint an official committee of inquiry and suggested individuals who might be named.

The Chicano Movement sought to correct these and other wrongs, as part of the tide of the larger Civil Rights movement taking place in the s. The mythic quality of El Pachuco in Zoot Suit is signaled by his ability to stop and start the action with a snap of his fingers; it is confirmed when he rises, Christlike, wearing the Christian cross but also dressed in an Aztec loincloth, in Act II, scene vii.

Valdez's Mexican Theatre Forms

After he left, I had a feeling, rather tentative I must admit, that something just might come of our talk. Zoot Suit is a tightly written drama with each element contributing to its overt demand for social reform, specifically a correction of the social injustice suffered by Henry Reyna and his gang. Theatrical Writing Perspectives and Forms. Than why did you arrest me?

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She intends to get the court decision overturned, although Henry has given up hope. El Pachuco, like the captured warrior, suffers a type of sacrifice.

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All of the members had an impressive resume of acting experience in Hollywood as well as in Chicano theatres. Swabbie is an Anglo sailor who frequents the dance hall that the pachucos frequent. He represents traditional values of family, honesty, hard work, infinite patience, and personal integrity. George discovers that the boys have been denied the right to change their clothes or wash, an infraction of their civil rights.

Droves of soldiers and sailors cruised through the streets in taxicabs looking for trouble. This conclusion illustrates the arbitrariness of the distribution of power in society. The barrio still has its problems, and Henry must decide between Alice and Della.

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In the last twenty years the United States has been involved in several military offensives but no large-scale wars. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Theatre, a way of seeing Milly S. Two more Mexicans killing each other. Whenever cultures meet, exchanges of language, food, music, religion and ideas take place. The problems of the barrio transcend the problems of one gang: Act 1, Part 3.

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