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I was prescribed Tramadol for chronic pain due to torn tendon of gluteus max and arthritis. I had knee replacement surgery 2 months ago, 1 week later the knee did not hurt so I dtopped taking Tramadol and Neurontin.

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I started taking Tramadol for arthritis pain 6 yrs. So, my PCP upped my daily dose to mg daily, and that seemed to do the trick. I took Tramadol for 20 years. I was up all night just waiting for something.

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How stupid is that? Why bother with going turkey then? But I still don't know what causes this excessive sweating. Not all the time but every day still. Amanda, how long did you go through it? I considered the Tramadol a real lifesaver. They list some causes of excessive sweating. I decided on a longer taper schedule. I have been on Tramadl Is there anything I can do to help get me through this better?

You may need another type of treatment to help you cope with the anxiety and depression. I was given this for a back issue and the withdrawal is horrible.

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The hardest sympoms are the panic attacks and crying in the evenings feeling like all is despair - that still happenes, and I tell myself just to cry and it will pass. Tomorrow morning I will be ringing my GP to tell them exactly what I think about them and the drug.

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How long do you suppose whit condition will last. We have heard from a number of people that not all generic versions of tramadol are created equal: Best to all that are trying to get off of this poison. At the time it was approved, the FDA may not have realized that when such drugs are stopped suddenly, people can experience very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Those are still with me 2 months later.