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Yes, high high dosing.

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Please try again later. It's the only thing that helps me control my chronic pain problems. Both of these drugs can also lead to overdose and are very dangerous for children. This means that hydromorphone is nearly 2. Then take 30mg of Dilaudid. Join Date Mar Posts 2.

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The surgery created a fibro flare and we couldn't get the pain down. Join Date Oct Posts 1. Subscribe to receive email notifications whenever new articles are published.

I am in pain management though, so I am not trying to get really high anymore like I did in my early twenties. This is one reason why extended-release forms are reserved for those who have taken the drug long term, and who need an increased dose.

It's available as fast-acting tablets, extended-release tablets, and as a liquid. Healthline isn't a healthcare provider. I am always hurting. I'm also aware that the rush from snorting as opposed to the lack of it from oral Oxycodone is part of the reason why I like Hydromorphone more, but I don't think that's the only reason.


Added 9 Jun These drugs lessen the strength of pain signals that reach the brain and affect your emotional response to pain. Less common side effects of hydromorphone include: With regards to its similarities, there appear to be a fair few. Oxycodone comes in plain, generic version and is ONLY oxycodone, without anything added!! Since I've had both given to me at various times, it is my personal opinion that Dilaudid is stronger.

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Yes I really think that the Hydromorphone 4 mg is a lot stronger than the Percocet 10 mg. Also, if the Dilaudid is stronger than the Percocet 5mg, would it be stronger then a Percocet 10mg? From what I have lightly researched a 2 mg of dilauded is equivalent to approximately mg of Oxycodone.