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This article and your ignorance is why pharmacists have come on and shown their outrage through these comments. Anonymous Apr 8, I was taught since pharmacy school that I have a "right to refuse" to fill any prescription for any reason I deem necessary. I would like to know what pharmacy you have had success with.

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People who are disabled cannot be discriminated against because of their disabilities. I know if i try to fill this red flags will pop up everywhere.

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The cops in Palm Beach Co. Sign In or Register to comment. Hope this info helps. The problem is the laws that they have passed that make it so hard now cause Dept. I live in an area that receives many visitors but prescriptions for Roxicodone 30mg from anybody other than a local patient or physician will rarely get filled by me.

What is Spinal Stenosis? I can't believe I have to suffer for 3 days. Then the documentary came around called the Oxy Express about how people were flying down here on the Oxy Express flight and getting drugs and taking them back to their states and selling them.

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Unfortunately, pharmacists think it is. This according to nyspine and wellness. I read on a different forum that they pharmacist will sometimes review your history and do a cumulative total.

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Showing Results 1 - 20 of So, wherever you go, you are going to find the same situation. My years are winding down but I feel very sad for the younger pharmacists that have spent 6 years of their lives, are well trained and face these challenges. Ariens that there was a doctor in Oklahoma city that was sentenced last year to prison that killed over 93 patients?

You can be penalized by the Board of Pharmacy for lying to the patient like that, but you have the right to refuse the rx if you think it hasn't been written according to accepted medical standards, ADA or no ADA. Any suggestions on what my options are? I had to have her stomach pumped.

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As of Thursday, I will be out and will have to go 3 days without my medication. We saw on this website where these were fake pills. Filling out a prescription without seeing some insurance coverage. We need to stand together and speak out against the injustices being done to us.

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He has warned in the pages of Drug Topics about possible consequences for pharmacists who refuse to fill valid Rxs. Without it, quality of life is greatly diminished. We have been patients of this primary care group for 25 years.