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It's this that is going to cause you more problems than the cit. I ended up going down hill, from being someone who could cope okay-ish although to think back, I was a nervous wreck then with little confidenceto someone who wouldn't maintain eye contact, felt inferior and would not talk to anyone. Completely Revised and Updated copyrighted in View latest questions Search for answers Ask a question.

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As well as this, I had no idea who I was for like 2 weeks and I felt rather out of body like someone else was being me.

You find yourself not reading side effect literature and googleing and certainly for me anyway those times when you think you have something seriously wrong go away. I now feel like a zombie, I am sleeping 12 to 14 hours a day and when I wake up I can't get my body to move.

Is the citalopram Celexa working? I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression for 5 years now. It didn't work, the side effects sucked, etc. Oldest Latest Most Votes. I am waiting for that feeling to kick in again after restarting meds again 2 weeks.

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I quite like being on Citalopram, as it calms down my obsessions and compulsions, so I can actually get on with my day to day life. No sexual content and definitely not images which is not permitted in a post!

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Zadra LMAO, yea the plastic mannequin effect!!!! Helps with the energy, but I'm snapping at everyone. Have you spoken to your doctor about how it's making you feel like a zombie? But I don't know what to do with myself because this is so debilitating. Original post by orchid I'm on Citalopram, 40mg every day. It is a trial and error sort of ordeal finding the right med. I went to university with high hopes and I guess placed a lot of emphasis on succeeding and things never worked out so I set myself up for a plummet.

Give it a chance, if it has that effect on you go back to the docs, there're plenty of others out there that would work just as well without giving you that feeling. Citalopram made my emotions very blunt and zombie like, I changed to sertraline after a while which made that go away although that didn't help either it was nice to feel emotion again.

I've been trying to explain to people how hard it is to get out of bed and they think I'm a loon and completely lazy.

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Everybody is different you will hear horror stories like mine, and wonder stories, only you know your body and if they suit you. The worst side effects I've gotten was drowsiness, blurred vision, and We are always here for you too. Do you love or do you hate?