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Which I guess indirectly improves concentration. I'm finding that mine is getting worse, I'll lay things down and 20 seconds later forget where I put it, misplace stuff all the time. I'm just curious as to what people experiences are.

I've found the medication has pretty much halted my desire to harm myself, I don't really understand why or how it has done it. Memory Loss while cycling.

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Well that was a pretty example of my life. My cousin used to take it and it really had a massive impact on her attention.

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Orland Park, IL I am currently: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach. February 28, forums. Oral clearance declines with age, and was reduced in 2 of 8 patients with hepatic dysfunction but not in patients with renal impairment. Realize that you may not experience every side effect on this list and that most side effects are subject to individual variation.

I experience some form of memory loss on antipsychotics but the medicine that really caused me to have that level of memory loss and confusion like you describe was Cogentin which can cause Alzheimer's-like side effectsalthough Cogentin isn't a psych med, it's a side effect pill.

She also takes a multivitamin, calcium, biotin, birth control, and zantac. Maybe the CPN is picking up that you're actually feeling in control despite these thoughts?? After a month or so, most preliminary side effects should subside and your body should be adjusted to the drug. My cpn and psychiatrist keep trying to tell me that my decreases in concentration is in fact the manifestation of various negative symptoms of my schizophrenia.

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My question is do others experience this extreme form of memory and concentration loss? I looked up Quetiapine in my BNF and it doesn't say anything about poor concentration. From time-to-time, our system might experience bugs or glitches that affect the accuracy or correct application of mathematical algorithms. I was on the Seroquel for several months and while the My friends and I used to ins.

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I was doing great for 3 years on Seroquel and Lithium. Took 25mg last night at 10pm woke up today at 11pm feeling pretty refreshed actually, no grogginess at all.

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There are always factors that influence the occurrence and intensity of side effects that you may experience while taking Seroquel. I want to know from experiences because so far this drug has gotten way to many wishy washy reviews. Remember me Forgot password? Tachycardia sped up heart beatslurred speech and muscle weakness are all listed as side effects of concern as regards Seroquel indeed all this occurred to me and is listed in the seroquel side effects beside diabetes like all the other AP's.