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I had taken Lexapro for about 1. I have gained a little weight which is awful.

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I am VERY concerned about this medication and am very worried about him. The side effects when first beginning the Lexapro vary not every one will experience a or any side effect For example, headache, nausea, dry mouth, insomnia are several common, normal side effects.

I am missing a lot of time at work because I'm honestly so tired some days, it's just impossible for me to get out of bed. Hi to all you good kind people from Sydney Australia. So maybe i am a bit constipated now. On this dose, my moods are still even, however I have noticed a total lack of sex drive and I have had more of an appetite hence unwanted weight gain.

Getting off Effexor was horrible. I don't know if the Lexapro is causing this, but I was interested to see that others are experiencing similar effects. It almost feels like a warm sensation.

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Could not settle down, had to take an ativan just to fall asleep. Khany August 28, It's funny two drugs that are with in the same family and they react different with me.

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Plus assorted interesting stuff about Lexapro (escitalopram) your doctor won’t tell you

I hadn't realized that for most of my life, anxiety was getting in the way of thinking clearly. It's takes about 2 wks in your system before it starts working. I was able to fall asleep no problem but after a few hours I would wake up agitated. I definatly experienced sexual side effects and weight gain. It didn't work for me like it once did. I am interested in sex but my body won't cooperate.

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The last month of taking it was pure hell and the last two week have been even worse! The initial side effects were elevated awareness and a slight sense of mild paranoia I was hyper aware of my surroundings is all. I feel like I am starting an anxiety attack, my head feels extremely heavy and hurts but not sinus type of pressureI have been crying uncontrollably, I feel swollen, I get cranky easily and other issues. Funny thing is, that moment of clear thought is sometimes more troubling than all the buzzing, and I think thats because of how sudden it is.

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