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Hi there, Sorry you are so miserable with the doc jumping around with your meds.

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Both have mg of acetaminophen mixed with either 30 mg of codeine or 60 mg of codeine in the Tylenol 4. Fentanyl is the strongest narcotic available, so it may not be wise to jump straight to it, because that's not going to leave you anywhere to go in the future, once you build up a tolerance. I have horrible neurophy. Hydrocodone to morphine and methadone, don't quit understand that, but I'm not the doc and I can't begin to know the level of your pain.

One pill is not touching the pain! If they are, then it shouldn't be a problem, because any prescribed medications would automatically be checked for you. I have a really hard time dealing with life and feeling normal.

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I use every other modality that works even a little but I just can't function in my life without narcotic therapy. Lortab is hydrocodone with tylenol and is for light pain.

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Is oxycodone stronger than hydrocodone May 13, Our Mission GoodRx believes that everyone should be able to access and afford the prescription drugs they need to maintain their health. I have pancreatitis and had liver failure last year-so no tylenol.

Tramdol comes without the tylenol as does Oxycodone. I have a spinal chord stimulator which works pretty well, just not well enough.

Can anyone offer any suggestions on anything to try that won't possibly give those side effects?

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Why no LA hydrocodone? As a pain patient with liver disease I avoid acetaminophen at if possible. Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I was looking for hydrocodone with out acetaminophen which I understand can do damage with long time use. But all meds are filtered through the liver right? Kim agrees with Viscusi and said that with more training and education, doctors will realize the Vicodin and Percocet are not the only options for pain management. Way too many things come with tylenol in them. I so much regret that decision. It can be compounded but I don't know if they do it without the tylenol.