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My doctor recommended it for me. I'm surprised by the sleeping because it's supposed to give you energy. I get hot flashes and sweat about mins after taking it but then it goes away. Take 20 mgs once per day. Since starting prozac I have had a few side effects. I was happier, less anxious, stopped worrying so much.

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My mind is clear. My heart rate didn't even increase. Well see if the Prozac works and allows me to not rely on Benzo's anymore or at least for a long time. Hi your post is very similar to mine, my depression started from Postnatal depression a while ago, I have 3 daughters the youngest being 8 months and unplanned!

I'm not sure whether to stick it out on Prozac or switch to a different med. Prozac Rating Summary 7. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided by on this page is accurate, up-to-date, and complete, but no guarantee is made to that effect. I raised 2 children on my own. Jodeyxo December 29, This site is people's experiences so everyone's different.

I stopped caring about everything. Overall, this medication changed my life and enhanced everything and helped me function in a very short time that I stopped taking it.

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It doesn't make me feel happy every day, because that's not its purpose, however it does keep me from entering a depressive state. Once off the Prozac my depression was worsen made me realise that the treatment was working but that I had not realised this.

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They have both caused serious problems in my life. I know that that is not true and we all need to take responsibility okay. Along with CBT fluoxetine has given me my life back truly, for a while I never thought I would be okay again or be able to get back to feeling normal, I convinced myself that I was having heart attacks and strokes at 18 years old because of the panic symptoms and I ended up at urgent care several times because of this.

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I don't know how I went so long without it. I haven't had any near-panic attacks, and my anxiety feels much more manageable. Some people say to stick with the Benzos cause they work faster and better,that does seem to be true but for me the side effects I get are like drinking alcohol,clumsy,dizzy and in- balanced upon standing and bad judgment and mild forgetfulness.

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