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The reason you don't understand their logic is because there is no logic in their arguments. This is especially true for people who are prone to ulcers. Medicine is a product of technology, and technology is precisely what has brought the quality of our lives up rapidly over the last years. January 2, at As your body uses acetaminophen, it converts it into a harmful substance. Klorgnum on April I know it sounds like advice from a stoner — i'm a registered nurse — it actually helps people with all kinds of ailments.

I was hoping to use your liver as a data point though. What are the risks? The link between acetaminophen and alcohol deserves to be clarified because it is not that straightforward but is actually pretty easy to understand.

People may have 'gotten by' without these things years ago, but if they make your life better in some way, why would you choose to avoid them other than to pat yourself on the back?

If you are a moderate to heavy drinker 3 drinks a day then I would probably recommend lowering the max dose to 3 g. We can't respond to health questions or give you medical advice. Check all of the medications you take to see if they contain acetaminophen.

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For alcoholics, acetaminophen-containing drugs such as Tylenol can be dangerous. NSAIDs like ibuprofen and aspirin are much, much easier on the body requiring lots to cause damage. Should my mom stop using asthma medication or do you think my dad should just "suck it up" and deal with diabetes on his own?

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You only have a certain amount of glutathione stored and it takes time to replace it. Do not take this medication while consuming alcohol.

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But, relying on this biological magic is no substitute for simply avoiding the combination of alcohol and Tylenol, and monitoring your acetaminophen intake, for that matter. This guideline may sound pretty straightforward, but not all alcoholic drinks are created equal.

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Tylenol with Codeine 3 - If you have been taking Tylenol 3 long term, could it affect your sleeping? I have taken 6 to 8 extra strength Tylenol caplets once a month, every month for the last 30 years strictly for menstrual cramps. And that's right, I never take pills Heavy drinkers who take acetaminophen and don't eat enough can overtax their livers. What You Need to Know Taking too much acetaminophen can cause liver damage.

A standard alcoholic drink contains 0. If you're looking to remedy a hangover, your best bet is to go natural with options like this fresh-pressed hangover juice or a yoga sequence to relieve your symptoms.