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Wonder if it is this same mystery woman??!! I'd greatly appreciate any help you can give. As for the other herbs, I'm not sure if they are available here. I know it s pretty normal since lo is still breastfeeding but i went to the gyn today and he was surprised at how non existamt my endometrium is.

I have been on dom for about 2 months now since the LO was about 9 months old. Breastfeeding Momsmembers - Invite More Privacy: If your doctor ever does need a pacer, I highly recommend taking the trek to Hartford Hospital to Dr.

Domperidone and Period

Jaffe in Hamden as my Gastroenterologist and Dr. Are you sure you want to delete this reply? If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency services immediately. Jun 6th, I took domperidone for six months and it instantly stopped my period.

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I had my pacer placed in November of I did not have my period while I was on domperidone because my prolactin levels were elevated. That is interesting that you had the surgery in Hartford - my daughter also has the pacer but she has been going to Dr. I guess the waiting begins.

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Usually my cycle is like clockwork, and will start every 28 days on the dot. So you may have anovulatory cycles that are very irregular and spotty. Domperidone is only available on prescription. Shop Til You Drop. Have you experienced the side effect that makes your period non existant, or even off schedule? Mine stopped after a month of taking it.

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She doesn't believe though that there are long term side effects to fertility being on dom. There could therefore be doubts about the purity of the drug.

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Sep 20th, The lactation inducing dose of a max of 8 tabs- 2qid is safe for both mum and baby.