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Balance of mind taken for 10 years or more January 11, The diagnosis of ADHD must have been confirmed by a specialist. I have watched friends become zombies from ADD meds.

Concerta changed my life. Always take your dosage as prescribed. Your child should not chew the tablet. I visited with him today while he was home with a sore throat and the change in him is remarkable.

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I was cm height and 47kg before concerta. But I do not care, because my symptoms improved dramatically. What is the best way to wean my self off the medication and how long does it take to be out of my system? I'll admit that during weekends Sat n Sun I tend not to take any if possible as I don't need to concentrate.

I feel a lot more confident my form on my workouts are better, I'm losing a lot of weight though.

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Your child should not chew the capsule. But having Concerta XL 36 mg and 18 mg has really taken it out of me. The advantage of this drug over many of the others is that you — or your child — only need to take it once a day.

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I appreciate your being a lifeline for me in understanding this medication and the possible alternatives Flavay and Flavay Plus to it.

Thanks for the quick response. There was a major rebound effect but we felt lucky to have some relief from symptoms for the hours that we did and dealt with the negatives.

Common side effects of Concerta and Adderall include: A total approach to treating adults with ADHD includes both medication and behavioral therapy. I am 32 and taking concerta but would like to try getting pregnant soon.

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And that can mean so much in the way of self esteem. When I hugged him hello and then, goodbye, it was like hugging a log. Can he safely take Concerta only 5 days one week and then 7 days the next? He had developed a cough that had become so severe that he was sent home from school on a couple of occasions.

Encourage them to stand up slowly, and to sit or lie down if they feel dizzy or light-headed. I usually take the 32 does in the morning and it wears out around 4PM but at 8.

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I probably would not be able to succeed at all in college without it Report. He is also quite emotional that is crys at the drop of a hat on or off the meds…. Do not give the missed dose.