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Only files 8MB or smaller of the following types are supported: Save your draft before refreshing this page. Big sister shirt for sale: I was about 10 weeks along at the time and they prescribed a 7 day antibiotic twice a day. Did everything turn out ok? Amoxicillin and pregnancy first trimester.

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So I am scepitcal about any other drug. I have a medical question. UTI 's can get nasty very quickly so antibiotics definatly the better option! Hi I'm 12 weeks pregnant and got struck with a nasty chest infection last week, my doc too prescribed me with Amoxycillin. Try not to worry too much!

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However, everything turned out fine and my daughter is a very healthy 4 year old. Symptoms, Tips, and More Most women feel great at 22 weeks pregnant, with few symptoms. What is the earliest day after a missed period that a person can take a home pregnancy test and expect it to be accurate?

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ReloadFromP',false, ['banger. I was prescribed these for a sinus infection in the first trimester. I'm just really scared about it and no to top it all off, I think I have a yeast infection from the antibiotics!!!

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Babies have huge potential, just like their newborn stem cells. Even the safest drug should be taken during pregnancy ONLY if it is needed.

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This article was informative. What are safe abortion methods for a 8-week pregnancy? You should not skip doses or stop taking the drug if you feel better. Can also harm your growing baby.

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Now if only they would start helping. Use of amoxicillin in pregnancy.

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Your body can only do some many things at a time and with all the development that goes on in early pregnancy fighting an infection on it's own will take a toll on your body. God bless you and your new one! Have any of you had upper and lower stomach pain along with cramping in stomach and gas when taking amoxicilin?????