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US residents can call their local poison control center at Do not store in the bathroom. Zyprexa Rating User Reviews 6. A Role for the Muscarinic M3 Receptor". Maintenance Treatment — The efficacy of ZYPREXA for the maintenance treatment of schizophrenia in the adolescent population has not been systematically evaluated; however, maintenance efficacy can be extrapolated from adult data along with comparisons of olanzapine pharmacokinetic parameters in adult and adolescent patients.

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ZYPREXA 15 mg tablets are available in cold-formed aluminium blister strips in cartons of 28, 35, 56, 70 or 98 tablets per carton. Each orodispersible tablet contains 1. List of adverse effects of olanzapine.

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Support groups such as the Icarus Projectand other online forums provide resources and social support for those attempting to discontinue antipsychotics and other psychiatric medications.

If you are planning pregnancy, become pregnantor think you may be pregnant, immediately discuss with your doctor the benefits and risks of using this medication during pregnancy. Olanzapine has demonstrated carcinogenic effects in multiple studies when exposed chronically to female mice and rats, but not male mice and rats.

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Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects. Reporting of suspected adverse reactions Reporting suspected adverse reactions after authorisation of the medicinal product is important. Close medical supervision and monitoring should continue until the patient recovers. Sign up to bookmark this SPC already have an account? Very common Common Uncommon Rare Not known Blood and the lymphatic system disorders Eosinophilia Leukopenia 10 Neutropenia 10 Thrombocytopenia 11 Immune system disorders Hypersensitivity 11 Metabolism and nutrition disorders Weight gain 1 Elevated cholesterol levels 2,3 Elevated glucose levels 4 Elevated triglyceride levels 2,5 Glucosuria Increased appetite Development or exacerbation of diabetes occasionally associated with ketoacidosis or coma, including some fatal cases see section 4.

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El uso prolongado de olanzapine puede causar un trastorno serio del movimiento que puede ser irreversible. By mouthintramuscular injection.

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The mediation of olanzapine in the central nervous system by P-GP means that any other substance or drug which interacts with P-GP increases the risk for toxic accumulations of both olanzapine and the other drug. Seizures where in most cases a history of seizures or risk factors for seizures were reported 11 Dystonia including oculogyration 11 Tardive dyskinesia 11 Amnesia 9 Dysarthria Restless Legs Syndrome. Tablet disintegration occurs rapidly in saliva so it can be easily swallowed with or without liquid.

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Information last revised July Skip to Content googletag. However, as clinical experience with olanzapine in patients with concomitant illness is limited, caution is advised when prescribing for patients with prostatic hypertrophy, or paralytic ileus and related conditions.

This is not a complete list of possible side effects. Overview Side Effects Dosage More.