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How do I approach him about this? But, if he were to pop a bar or something, I think he would have a number of falls, not to mention all sorts of other trouble.

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The greater part of really potent medications affects sexual life of users If someone has no tolerance to Xanax then they should be starting low and increasing in small doses to get the desired effect. So fuck you for wasting a drug that I actually use the way it's supposed to be used. I can take mg and be chill, but if a guy 2x my size takes. Don't over do it!

We take no government funds. When I feel real stressed and can get one or two I'll just kick back play some xbox or chill with friends.

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I can not emphasize that enough. You sound to be in a hard situation with a lot of anxiety and stress.

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LessonJan 2, You should probably consider a dose of. Note that Xanax is a double-nature medication: Dose - For your first time, how much Xanax should you take to get high?

Xanax: What are you really snorting?

All her doctors are aware of the situation. I was free of the world,and was a little "drunk" feely. The first time I took xanax I made the mistake of taking a whole 2mg bar and I couldnt even stand up out of my chair without falling back into it after it kicked in lol. Problem is, in social situations the anxiety hits me too from time to time, and if things get shifty, like something happens and my heart rate gets up, its almost like its outta control and my actions are dictated by it. Maybe the OP should do a test run with the Xanax at home, but I don't think 0.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Many celebrities have died from mixtures of medications that always seem to include xanax, and if you ever watch Dr. Either you will be caught, or your behavior and use will catch up to you in the long run; and like someone pointed out, you won't learn shit.

Might want to save them for when you really need them though. Sorry if I'm not following the rules or this question has been asked a million times but I just really need to know. Did the xanax cause this?