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I will be brave. Seroquel warnings and precautions. N - is it necessary? She should have been treated at home with an IV and vitamins.

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The warnings are off-hand and dismissed as rare occurrences that should not discourage the use of the drug. Oh man I am so glad I was reading up on some of this stuff.

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Comment by Carlton Davis on 6 May Comment by David on 11 April Can anybody help me or advise me? The reason I was finally taken off the Seroquel was because I suddenly developed stiffness in my neck, pain in my lower calve muscles, and a low grade temperature of Hello, old post I know, but I have been taking seroquel quetiapine and lithium carbonate for my bipolar.

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I've called my pdoc and am waiting for a response. All mood stabiizers including anticonvulsants and antipsychotics have the potential to cause depression because they are CNS depressants.

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I was on it, and I was pretty much a lifeless zombie who could walk and talk, but had no emotion, and just wanted to sleep and eat. Speak up, demand your rights to be a complete person. I feel stuck, I need to substitute it with another med.

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Oddly enough I also worked at place doing human trials on generic quetiepien and witnessed the subjects react to the doseing which was almost always sedation to the point of sleep even in morning doses given to rested subjects. And still shaky from the abilify. I'm sorry you had such a strange and rare reaction to Seroquel.

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Is quetiapine turning me into suicidal crying depressed wreck? So, tonight is my first time not taking it after a month and a half and I am scared about how I am going to feel. Thanks for this nice article. I am on mg of seroquel and I am still not going to sleep well I have like acid refux or some thing and I am freekin tired all day.

Comment by Zak on 5 May