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Yes I do drink a lot of water I don't think that I can get the Afrin up my nose with this congestion. Minor Minimally clinically significant. Because it's used directly where the inflammation is happening, it has fewer side effects than oral steroids do and has a lower chance of causing withdrawal symptoms once the medication is stopped. This has never happened to me previously.

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Thanks for all your help sneezydiva. I don't think that I gave the Afrin enough time to work before administering Flonase. I think you should try to sleep, and if you still feel short of breath tonight you should go to the hospital.

I have other less effective means and use Afrin just a time or two a week when I feel I just can't take it any longer. These afflictions are better treated with nasal steroidslike Rhinocort or Flonase, which build up their action over time to control chronic stuffiness without the risk of rebound or significant side effects.

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Yes, you can still use OTC saline solutions. Multum Information Services, Inc. Your primary care or the docs will know what to do.

When spraying, I was told to think of aiming it toward my ear. They say it's the only way they can sleep at night.

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Also, I was on singulair, which for some reasonhelped my sinuses - I don't recall if I was on it for that or for my asthma, but it helped.

I do not like taking any kind of scripts. It does not work as well when you are all stuffed up. Long term use of Afrin nasal spray can acutally cause your congestion to get worse, so it's only recommended for day use and that's for normal, non pregnancy use.

Simply stopping cold turkey will usually defuse the rebound cycle in a week or two, Dr. The irrigator both stimulates the cilia hairs inside your sinuses, promoting drainage at the back of your throat. I think i will go and have a chat with my doctor to see if i can be referred to a specialist to see if they can do some tests on me to find out where the problem lies.

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