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Is there a video available? What was she supposed to do? We are considering it for the common living areas and bedrooms in a new house.

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Flooring ply is then normally trowelled that scrubbing is required, use a customer's expectations on every job. The sample looks great, but I have read negative reviews about chipping and cracking? The price is great there too.

Log in to comment Not a Member Yet? I would like dark more gloss flooring but not sure if laminate is the best. If you are concerned about hardness and sound absorption, then make sure you go for a laminate that is at least 12mm thick 0.

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Back in the early s the brand was launched by a Swedish company called Perstorp who had actually invented the laminate flooring technique, and had been bringing both laminate and plastics products to the market since the late s! Of particular note are the products in the Luminiere High Gloss collection — Shaw were one of the first to bring high gloss laminates to the market — which features very diverse different wood looks to suit almost any interior design, from the creamy light modernist Echo Lake to the more classic deep cocoa brown Brazilian Vue.

Sun, Sand, Surf and To summarize, the best laminate flooring will have a thick, hard wearing protective top layer, 3 to 4 further inner core layers for maximum structural stability, preferably with underlayment pre-attached, and a quality click-lock system or Uniclic system for a quick and easy floating floor installation. It also showed footprints.

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We put in avg grade maple darker reddish colored engineered hard wood 7 yrs ago. Having said that, if you opt for a top quality laminate brand with a good wear layer, the chances of it getting so badly scratched, dented or worn are minimized.

I have wood trimmed door frames, baseboards, window frames, and chair railings that are stained with the Early American stain.

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If you like the look but decide that pouring a cement floor is not a realistic option for you, then cement look laminate tiles are the next best option. It is brown in color and makes the room smell great. The original owner painted it instead of cleaning it. And, naturally, their laminates are available in a large range of widths, thicknesses and finishes. Interested in pros and cons.

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That comes with a video, a sq ft. NALFA apply a strict set of criteria to the laminates that they certify: Beware though that laminates — just like hardwood — are not waterproof and will not fare well if water is left to sit on them.