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Normally takes SSRI at least 3 weeks to get an idea if they are going to work -but side effects dictate this as well. Still is inner shaking, pounding heart, unbelievably anxious. Been such a bad sad last three days. Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; line-height: In summary, it was nearly unberable.

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Register a new account. I have found the comments useful but frightening at the same time.

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I would recommend that you stay with it a bit longer because this last month I have felt a vast improvement. Can I take Prozac at night?

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The version of Internet Explorer you're using is no longer supported by this website. Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Whether you take fluoxetine with or without food will not affect its bioavailability, but it can affect its absorption speed. I started taking fluoxetine 10 days ago and on the 8th day woke up and was sick.

Below are some tricks that may help clear the fluoxetine and its metabolites at a faster pace than usual. Though many people find Prozac effective for their depression, others experience adverse reactions e.

Im suffering from really bad depression, worst depression ive felt for a good few years. If this were the case, people should theoretically recover from discontinuation syndrome associated with Paxil another SSRI within 1 week. Reading about Prozac and side effects of stopping reinforces my dismay of ever having started taking it.

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If so, how long will these behaviors continue? I'm used to the occasional panic attack, not this. Leanna mace October 9,3: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Just moved to 20 1 in am 1 in pm and seem to be doing okay.

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I'm doing good now haven't had any Prozac related symptoms since. Cold turkey or wean? Send a private message to blushingkitty. Should you be taking any of these drugs immediately after stopping Prozac, you can expect Prozac and its metabolites to remain in your system for a longer duration than usual.

In relatively rare cases, it could take nearly 3 full months 90 days for complete clearance of the norfluoxetine metabolite. Hope it stops soon!