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This is so helpful I'm on week 3 and have defo have negative outlook. It's been a long long journey to get to this point and I was feeling like it would never happen but things are really looking brighter for the future now. There are more good days than bad and the bad days are nothing like as bad as they were.

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It's hard to describe, but it feels like a dark fog that covered everything around me, has been lifted. Hope you are good! I used to feel very drowsy and dizzy before starting on Fluoxetine. So, Prozac was not for me. I'll let you know how it goes. I am an Emt and need to be rested for work: All the best- keep on here, it helps! A lot of people seem to find week three the worst.

I have been on fluox for over 8 weeks and have read many, many posts of people's experiences here. You aren't an idiot- easy mistake to make. The first day was okay, couldn't sleep well but that's all. I had never been treated for my depression due to insurance and financial issues. I notice my attention to detail has changed for the better. Noodle - definitely so. I having taken a couple days this week to try and get some breathing space.

Im sleeping again and pretty much feel like myself before Prozac anxiety and all. I used to feel like such a nothing and I used to think I knew for sure that there was no hope.

I never realised I was so impatient!!

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And Kenney- are you a man or a woman???!!!!! I became one with the couch.

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Arose- sorry you are having a hard time- if it was me I would just ignore the days at 80mg and count as if you had been on the 40mg the whole time. He's now off medication. You need to be brutal to yourself and look deep inside while in a state of non-denial. I get it around the side of my mouth, in the corner.