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Im 39yrs old I got diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at age There's nothing I know of that will make the effects last longer. No, create an account now. She told her Dr. I have been taken Xanax to sleep, 0. For faster come on tho, I let it dissolve under my tongue.

The interaction typically is NOT considered dangerous for normal low to moderate dosage users.

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If you are doubting the decision of the doctors in the clinic, you can ask for a second opinion. I still hve episodes in public places. Take good care of yourself, You know your tolerance and system better then any doctor or physicians desk reference.

I think that gives me some professionalism to drugs.

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There are two ways for xanax to work more quickly and effectively. Someone pls help me. I've been on antianxiety meds for 12 years and find that Xanax works the best for me, although I am now up to 5mg. Carl Madden, 47 years, Colorado Read all testimonials.

Although watch him a little closer for the signs of abuse.

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What is the deal with drinking grape I looked online for pictures of generic Xanax and I saw what I have. Grapefruit juice does interact with alprazolam Xanaxbut not to a great degree. JahRed24May 25, If I take them sublingually, I get euphoria for maybe 30 minutes as it kicks in, maybe a sort of "rush". What I found when I was actually using the xanax purely for medical reasons was I quit being able to determine what was an actual attack coming on and what was the "rebound" effect from the xanax.

But i always begged to differ considering it did seem to take effect quicker and stronger threw the nose. My girlfriend said whilst I was out I was constantly mumbling,talking and yelling the whole time, whilst also throwing my arms and legs.

I have been taking 2 xanax aday for 14 days. It knocks me the fuck out when I want to be knocked the fuck out, but I wouldn't say it was "euphoric" in any sense of the word. Because when i take it, i feel extremely tired and dizzy for about 30 minutes, then i mellow out and can't conciously tell if the xanax is still taking effect. With chronic or heavy use, Xanax can still be detected a month and a half after the last dose taken.