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It was actually so bad last night that I was scared. Yawning and thermoregulation, Physiol Behav. And it's key that patients find the right combination of drugs in order to minimize sexual side effects that may occur. MovingPictures added Minutes and 11 Seconds later Prozac can take as much as weeks before you "start to feel better". This unusual, under recognised and usually ignored side effect can cause the sufferers to have severe problems. Some short-fused men may even find that the side effect of anorgasmia, or difficulty achieving orgasm, may be beneficial.

Excessive yawning and SSRI therapy.

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However, after using it for a few months my sure some H1 upregulation occurs and the sedation should good down. I called back today and the nurse told me the doctor said he will switch me to 20 mg citalopram a day but wants me to stop taking the prozac for a month before I start the citalopram. Cite this article as: Feb 3, Patients are faced with a major dilemma: I tried Paxil once but didn't get anything useful from it.

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After one week, this treatment was substituted by Saint John's wort but yawning reappeared after the first dose, and disappeared the day after discontinuation. I've taken two doses of 5mg of Lexapro, one tuesday night at 10 and one wednesday night at 10, and I've been in hell since the first dose. We take no government funds. CD, thanks for the input. I'm thinking about switiching prozac to Lexapro or Cymbalta.

Like a whole body, make your eyes water yawn. Are there long term side effects after stopping the use of SSRIs?

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After a couple of weeks his yawning reduced significantly but was still disruptive to his routines. I'm starting to worry about it.

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The thermoregulatory theory of yawning: First I noticed side effects such as yawning, teeth clenching, and when I moved my computer's mouse my hand would make the mouse shortly overshoot what I was attempting to click. A possible adverse drug reaction during antidepressant therapy. It is known that yawning can be contagious. The time now is Because of inhibition of ejaculation, fluoxetine was discontinued after 9 months.