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Over-the-counter medicines such as Ibuprofen and Voltaren are not without some risk. The problem is that many internists are very busy and may not be expert in the latest treatment of these conditions.

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And concerns about these drugs apply mostly to people who take them on a daily basis rather than for an occasional headache. We have to be careful here.

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One found an increased risk of heart failure in users of NSAIDs, while another an increased risk of cardiac arrest. These anti-inflammatories should be available for purchase through prescription by a medical practitioner or behind the counter at the pharmacy. Farkouh and colleagues report their findings in the early online issue of the BMJ specialty journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

They can be either prescribed by a doctor or purchased by the patient over the counter from a supermarket or pharmacy.

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Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are associated with elevating blood pressure as well as sodium and fluid retention. The treadmill and nuclear stress tests are helpful if there is chest pain or pressure, or an abnormal EKG. In July the FDA took the unusual step of further strengthening this warning. Avatars by Sterling Adventures. Acetaminophen does not have the same side effects, so consider it as an alternative—while being mindful of its own potential dangers; excessive doses can lead to liver problems.

So can a type of counseling called cognitive behavioral therapy.

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Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly used to relieve pain. I am a year-old woman taking medication prescribed by my internist for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Of these, around 3, were found to have been treated with an NSAID within 30 days of having a cardiac arrest.

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This is why frequent users of anti-inflammatories may suffer from gastric ulcers. Managing pain without taking drugs Non-drug treatments, such as yoga or massage, can often reduce or even replace the need for drugs.

So, it is not covered by this warning. So inhibiting prostaglandins also reduces their protective functions. April 4, -- The common painkiller ibuprofen may boost heart attack risk by blocking the lifesaving effects of aspirina controversial study shows.

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Share this article via email with one or more people using the form below. What this study adds is more detail about the effects of individual drugs in this group, and the effect that different doses can have on the risk. Although there were some exceptions, overall the coverage failed to stress that the results found in a group of elderly patients may not apply to younger patients.

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