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Changes to Talking Point You are using an out of date browser. Thus the person's memory loss seems to slow down or their memory will even improve a bit for a while. Is it effective to keep taking donepezil when the patient has Alzheimer's in an advance stage? Anonymous taken for 1 to 6 months October 27, Tacrine Cognex and procainamide. Initial dosage is 5 mg once daily; if necessary, dosage can be increased to 10 mg once daily after 4 to 6 weeks. Aricept does not work the same in all people.

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Jan 9, Once the clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease has been made, a treatment plan must be developed. First day she was like a new person, clear thinking with memory, energy, and motivated.

You can ask your pharmacist or doctor for information about Aricept that is written for health professionals. She seems less agitated, frightened and angry than she had done for the last couple of years, but I don't know how much of this is down to the drug, us handling her better, or just her knowing what's wrong with her, rather than thinking she's going mad. Approximately of these patients have been treated for at least 3 months and more than 1, patients have been treated for at least 6 months.

This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. He was on Aricept for a good number of years. Before performing all procedures and activities, explain them to the patient in simple language.

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Ensure that comorbid conditions are optimally treated. Energy back, never had a side affect as far as loss of appetite, weight loss, diarrhea.

Fairhill guidelines on ethics of the care of people with Alzheimer's disease: Inducers of CYP 3A e. Cholinesterase inhibitors should be discontinued if side effects develop and do not resolve, adherence is poor, or deterioration continues at the pretreatment rate after six to 12 months of treatment.

I want my free account. Because strategies for the management of overdose are continually evolving, it is advisable to contact a Poison Control Center to determine the latest recommendations for the management of an overdose of any drug.

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No apparent association with sleep disturbances which can occur treatments. The range of patient exposure is from 1 to 1, days. Should the Mini-Mental State Examination be used to monitor dementia treatments?.

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