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Is this safe toper scribe to a person who has also suffered serious drug addiction? Problem is i dont remember anything that happened during the night.

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If you have been drinking and then had a medical issue where you were given Ativan intravenously, would it cause a urine test to show you had more alcohol in you than you actually did? Originally Posted by Inshallah View Post.

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A friend told me he drank 1. I am prescribed 1 mg, 2 X daily. I will tell you that If I drink in the evening, is it ok to take Lorazepam in the morning — 8- 10 hours later.

My mother says my dad is on hospice and i really dont think he is we never see his doctor and they deliver ver his meds lorezapam to the dpor he has cirosis and drinks heavily i recently had a restraibt order from her that lster found out was a fraudelent forgery because i called ambulance one day i would like to find out if she is doing right thing he is not himself and tells all hospice workers he wants to go home to chicago which he has family there.

We embrace new ideas and alternative therapies for the treatment of all types of addiction. The Ativan brand name for lorazepam patient information, which is reviewed and approved by the FDA, says to avoid alcohol while taking this medicine. Just curious why I get nauseated frequently almost immediacy. By the time I got home, I was fealing better. Answered in 8 minutes by:. If you abuse lorazepam by taking a higher than prescribed dose, or drink to excess, you might even die.

Not sure what to do with him.

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I was confused as to what had happened and why I was there. DT's are when you shake uncontrollably from alcohol withdrawal. See Additional Information Made with a smile in sunny California: My issue is I love drinking my white wine in the evening. For the second question, it depends on how much alcohol you are drinking.

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Doctor 13, satisfied customers. These were instructions that I was told to do to seek help.

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Hello,Hey i feel a small bump in my back. Thanks for your help I just want to be safe. My mom had breast cancer 25 years ago and has been on. Ask Your Question Send It!

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