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Sometimes, i get so scared to fall asleep when my breathing is shallow and feel like Im not gonna wake up!

How does unintentional hydrocodone overdose happen?

Call the Poison Control Center at for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next. You can get her to the hospital to avoid any major risks and dangers of overdose. Sat, May 14 '11, Is your friend in danger of dying?

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We discussed this, but I am new to the use of narcotics. Im in chronic pain and have to deal with drs and pharamacies treating me like im smoking crack when i fill my scripts. Hydrocodone is probably the safest, cleanest narcotic in the market today.

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I have gradually gone up from 1 pill a day to 3 pills a day in the last month. Long term effects of opioids are unknown at the moment, although hydrocodone may affect the liver. The most dangerous complication of hydrocodone overdose is slowed or shallow breathing.

Then, I took a half the next night.

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They provide a free over-the-phone assessment of the risk of overdose. I stopped cold turkey just last night but then now the my body is going through a withdrawal and still having a hard time to breath.

Do not crave more. I take phendometryzine, thyroid medication, hormones, Ambien on top of the hydro.

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Please, reconsider what you are planning to do. We do not know how many he took, but we do know it was 90 in 5 days. Call the Poison Control Center for an evaluation and to see whether or not it is necessary to visit the emergency room. Slithering on the hull Posts: Now that I have researched more about this I believe that it could of did something to my body. I know this is not good for me and I need to stop. But I am not seeing this reasonably discussed. Is this going to hurt me?

My 41 yr old healthy son, took 40 hydrocodone ML.

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I also take a daily dose of Exalgo 32 and 2 to 3 Somas. She is 85 pounds and is in bed 21 hours a day.

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I was doing good with this. Get help and take control of your life, instead of allowing this drug or any other control it for you to the point of death.