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Nature Reviews Cardiology Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods Sophie de Seigneux, Pierre-Yves Martin. Shi, Karl Swedberg, Michael R.

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Herz 38 This paper presents the data on mortality and hospitalizations for congestive heart failure for the patients enrolled in the treatment trial. McIntyre vice-chair ; Registry — Martial G.

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Warning You have reached the maximum number of saved studies Clinics in Geriatric Medicine 28 Neal Jeffries, Nancy L. Please review our privacy policy. Even in the highest tertile, however, there was a trend toward fewer hospitalizations among those alive at the end of the study placebo, 70; enalapril, 51and the 95 percent confidence interval for the combined end point included the possibility of a risk reduction of 20 percent.

Progression from Hypertrophy to Dilatation; Perhaps Not.

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Franco, Eric Boerwinkle, Laurie A. Predictors of quality of life in women with heart failure.

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Management of Chemotherapy-Associated Cardiomyopathy. Naveen Bellam, Anita A.

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American Journal of Hypertension 24 The mortality rate in the treatment group was significantly lower than that of the placebo group European Journal of Heart Failure Abhijeet Madhukar Dabhade, Bharatsingh H. Semla, Patricia Trebbien, Michael W.

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We studied the effect of an angiotensin-converting--enzyme inhibitor, enalapril, on total mortality and mortality from cardiovascular causes, the development of heart failure, and hospitalization for heart failure among patients with ejection fractions of 0.

Of the patients alive after 24 months, Fundamentals of Clinical Trials, Artinian, George Bakris, Alan S. S Nanayakkara, DM Kaye. Talk with your doctor and family members or friends about deciding to join a study. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy