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Thu Dec 20, 4: Someone came into my office and looked at the box and told me that they changed the packaging and asked how old it was.

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Jan 30, Posts: Depending on the drug and the type of degradation, it is possible that these compounds may be harmful. I found some cold medicine in my drawer at work here when I was feeling lousy. Sep 5, Posts: Same thing for effectiveness.

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I am not a doctor, I am not a crystallisation expert, and this post may be inaccurate. I get sick less than once a year, so buying new cough syrup every time is just a waste.

Can I take Benadryl Liqui-gels that expired 6 months ago? Originally posted by webster: They are sometimes not perfectly stable.

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Therefor, avoid to use after expiration date. Can I take a pill after its expiration date?

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Sep 21, Posts: You could probably give your child the Benadryl diphenhydramine without any adverse side effects. Thank you for your feedback!

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They seemed to help as much as I would have expected and I didn't think anything of it. Aug 15, Posts: Jul 2, Posts: Is it safe to take Benadryl while pregnant?

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Thu Dec 20, 2: I got stung by a wasp and I am allergic. My mom isn't a nurse, but the free, hour health hotline staffed by registered nurses is one of the perks of living in Ontario Starts to explain why they always hand out "samples. They aren't making a new drug, simply checking to see what's still in the old one.