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Is it possible to have a heart to heart with your present doc who prescribes your Meth? I speak from experience an not just from the few clinical trials that have been done.

They keep saying that the federal guidelines say that the dosage is too high and that it could cause me to overdose. I DO believe there is some awesome information on this site if you just use the search function, type in methadone and check out the megathread.

A couple things you might want to consider before jumping over to Oxycontin.

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As far as not wanting to go thru withdrawal effects… I would suggest speaking to your physician about Tramadol. Yes, you are right.

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It is also one of the cheapest pain medications on the market today and one of the most effective. Thank you for your time! November 2, at 6: July 21, at Do not make the mistake of a lifetime by going on methadone.

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Methadone is highly effective for pain, but it also has more side effects. Its kinda like substituting another drug in the other drugs place. I know you pointed out the cost of other meds, but either way pain meds are expensive.

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I have never faile a drug test in 69 test. I would be willing to stay at the 60mg a day dose if they would just leave it alone and stop cutting it.

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The doctors that I see now are not that familiar with methadone and act as if they are afraid of it. I'll keep you posted though, and let you know what my Doctor says. It has a naturally long half-life without it having to be wrapped up in some kind of tamperproof package.

When it comes to a patient who has a complex medical history on long term pain management I would avoid such a practice because the education in pharmacology, neuropharmacology, biochemistry, neuroanatomy and physiology, hematology, and many other advanced courses of study in undergraduate, graduate and medical school for years to become an MD are not required to become a P.

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Tina I have a little better conversion for you. I felt less than normal BAD the whole time!!! I am taking 40mg a day of subutex and ZERO pain relief. As I mentioned before in a post, the oxycodone isn't controlling my pain hardly at all.

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