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Has anyone else had acid reflux disease as a result of lisinopril? Also have runny nose all the time.

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I'm African American how can one pill cause this much trouble? Thu, Aug 27 '15, He said the cough will gradually go away, so we'll see how it goes.

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Crossing fingers that it's similar for you. This is just an anecdote and there's no real evidence apart from my doctor's opinion that my coughs are caused by the medicine, but it might just help somebody.

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It will probably take several months for the coughing to disappear entirely. If the patient presented with a "snotty" nose and productive cough, it seems to me that assuming it wasn't the medication wasn't off base at all.

I wish I could say the cough happens intermittently during the night as some have said but it is all night long with short rest periods in between.

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Another few weeks, another visit. Hey davhag49 I realized that you had a change of meds. Told my doctor said i need to quit smoking and i understand that but,, a girl at work said that it made her cough told dr again said no it only causes a slight dry cough.

Will wake up in the night feeling like something has grabbed my esophagus, have that constant tickling, have people thinking l am really choking if it happens around others ,l too avoid eating out,trips with others, meetings ,etc.

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I am stewing about the doctor that in the year and a half before advanced cancer intrupted my out of town vacation failed to check me for cancer. Diovan is terribly expensive and I thought I had drug insurance coverage, but was mistaken. He also prescribed a course of oral steroid medication to rid my lungs of the inflammation and congestion.

The drainage continues, but I finally had to go to emergency hospital because the cough became more frequent. Doctors are not perfect. He assumed I would sue him, and he in turn would recover from the lab. I will see if it gets better along with the headaches, and if I can control my BP another way.

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If you did receive this information, and didn't read it, then that may be a problem with any possible lawsuit. Updated 9 years ago in Lisinopril. Well yeah you do raise a very good point. If so, then it is Lisinopril 5mgs, a generic for Zestril. There are other medications you can try, it seems this one might not be the best one for you. Mon, Mar 26 '12, 2: I was 28 years old and never had a seizure in my life, however I had asthma since I was five.

I also am suffering from this dry cough from Lisinopril