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Good Night all Percy. I took a six month, 11 month, and 9 month trip with only a six month and four month separation.

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She's been taking doxy on trips since then without those symptoms. We took malarone and had no problems.

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Now ask your doctor which is best for you. South Africa 25 Hangout spots in Dubai by emmazarah 2 responses; most recent on Oct 30, 17 at Destination Expert for Kurashiki, Cambodia, Myanmar. I surely will admit that it's a pain to have to continue taking it for 4 weeks. Passport Your weekly travel wrap-up. I was prescribed Doxy in for a 6 week trip to Kenya.

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I was given a prescription of Doxycycline since I'll be visiting a malaria area in Sabi Sabi. Take your tablets with food and at the same time each day. Report Abuse Grcxx3 on Sep 20, 12 at Browse forums All Browse by destination. Everyone's different but I'd opt for doxy in your case. Report Abuse skibumette on Oct 27, 08 at Report Abuse jill on Oct 27, 08 at C - Use Antimalarials Correctly The antimalarial tablets recommended for you will depend not only on effectiveness but also on suitability, side effects, cost and which regime suits you best.

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I believe it is also used in the treatment of Anthrax. I give you this information, because I work in a pharmacy, and it's my job to give people good information. My father is a doctor and he sends me to a travel nurse for this very reason!!

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TripAdvisor uses cookies to improve your site experience. Doxycycline is in the Tetracycline family of drugs and one of its good reasons for use is that it is a once a day drug as opposed to 4 times a day for Tetracycline. I have got some Malerone and am going to try them for a couple of days to see if I have any side effects, not happy about Doxycycline as I all ready suffer from sun allergies on occasions.

I've taken Doxy several times with no reaction, but we are all different. Yes, for only 3 days at risk sorry I missed that I'd certainly be inclined to go with Malarone Not sure what the cost would be in the South of Ireland. As a side benefit being an antibiotic it will work against a number of bacterial infections that you may encounter on your trip.