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What i mean to say is that by taking the tranquilizer you will feel normal again sleep, no anxiety, etcbut you should be aware that in the future, it is possible to have another crash and have these symptoms again if you do not preserve yourself.

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In Octoberthe patient returned for the treatment of hair loss. You probably are experiencing a crash.


Signs of post-finasteride syndrome include mood swings, mental fog, depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, orgasm and ejaculation dysfunction… We have no idea who might be affected worse by it.

Consequently, a penile Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI under vasoactive drugs was performed, with normal results and without any suggestive finding Figure 2. However, the PFS Foundation has to date funded three research initiatives seeking to identify the root causes of the condition.

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The most effective way to deal with this problem is not natural, it is to stop the chronic anxiety symptoms, by taking a benzodiazepine tranquilizer for some time. But if you take it short term and low dosage, it is very rare to de addicted on these drugs. About a definite cure: Please see more on our comments policy.

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Should we NOT talk about it? Will i ever recover from it?? Then increase the dose if needed.

Post-Finasteride Syndrome

These are medications, diet and lifestyle changes that helped some patients. The original press release does not lionize JAMA as being prestigious, it merely states the meta-analysis was published by JAMA which is an accurate statement.

I was a college party animal and have withdrawn from all kinds of drugs but 4 months off this Propecia and still not even a feeling in my dick is the scariest thing in the world. Mosturize daily with natural oils.

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I was pretty anxious about taking 2 pills simultaneously, so I went off the propecia for about 4 days and then started taking an SSRI. Who is susceptible to the Post-Finasteride Syndrome? The Xanax is a temporary solution, I tried it but I wouldn't recommend that as it is not long-lasting in my experience. Odds are it is low. I need help urgently. Kevin Lomangino August 13, at 7: Kevin Lomangino August 13, at 8: After a few days my pee was great but sex was not.