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Phentermine is a medication that is usedfor weight loss and to treat obesity. Furthermore, whether phentermine is also unable to increase central NE, and, if that is so, how phentermine decreases appetite without acting in the CNS, are also topics for future studies. It is often used in weight loss.

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Contact us Do you have any questions? And - sheerly to show every person is different - I took Astrup A, Toubro S. Behr No preview available - The primary outcome was weight loss. Sign in Are you a business researcher or a brand? It ended up being phentermine which is stimulant and I was Further studies will be needed to clarify this matter. She could have been Bi Polar for a lifetime and not sought treatment. Never heard of that happening Will the itching associated with phentermine go away with time??

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My doctor only prescribes to take one a day, however it doesn't last as long by the time lunch or dinner is around I am hungry and can eat seconds. Discussions around the web. We found 4 discussions.

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These two studies suggest that sibutramine may have an antidepressant effect. Sibutramine decreases food intake by enhancing satiety 37 and also increases the metabolic rate and thermogenesis.

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In a trial, it was seen that some patients drifted away into bipolar depression due to the use of adipex for the treatment of their obesity. Further examination is impossible because sibutramine has been withdrawn from the market. Is there another explanation for these findings?


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I wuon't lie- I miss being manic a bit. Thus, this result may suggest that the low or absent addiction potential of phentermine is, in part, due to its low activity in the CNS. However, we do not yet know if they can be used safely in affective disorder patients.

However, there have been several studies and case reports with conflicting results suggesting that the association between sibutramine and mood may not be quite so simple.