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Went back home munched down not too hard and when I woke up I started hurling everywhere. Simple enough for ya partna? AtteroDominatusJan 2, This has led to daily use, increased dosage, a reliance on it for social situations, physical and mental dependency.

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Depends on how she took it, how much, and if she used it before or she over-did-it on the first try. That's almost a guaranteed black out which can often land people in jail, or in even worse situations without their knowledge. Want to chat with other members? But who is at risk of Xanax addiction? I have to have minor oral surgery and I am disappointed they only prescribed me. Is an eight of weed enough to get high? I was a depressed zombie.

I agree with handling this a little more professional but I also understand where they are coming from because yes anyone should be able to ask questions about something and being in the medical field I would not be asking total strangers about medication I am or possibly am taking I would be asking a medical personnel or a pharmacist other than just asking random people.

Do not listen to anyone who says xanax has low addiction rate. In fact, minor toxicity occurs at times the normal dose. If I get real down or aggravated I might take 2. At seven years sober, I explained my situation to a doctor, he prescribed various sleep medications, but they all left me feeling hungover. Additionally, taking high doses of Xanax puts you at risk of withdrawal seizures as well. Stick to naturally growing herbs.

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I had the stupid Idea to take 1mg more. Not to mention that you can die from Xanax. They'd use it with alcohol and got into a state where they could be taken advantage of or weren't quite there. That's it no tripping or crazy high just a relaxed drunk care free feeling.

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I have no idea on how to get off these things. Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. I remember the first time I took 2 mg. Aug 18, Don't have an account?